Enbridge Centre Parkade Wins Applied Arts Award

August 6, 2018


We are pleased to announce that our work on the Enbridge Centre Parkade has won an award in Applied Arts Magazine's Annual Awards.

About the project:

Parkades are perceived by many to be unsafe, unfriendly, back of house experiences. At the Enbridge Centre Parkade, the desire of the owners, Pangman Development Corporation and John Day Developments, was to counter this perception by considering the parking environment as carefully as other elements of the tower development, to make it a positive, safe and user-friendly experience. Our wayfinding positively enlivens the space and provides for better orientation, making the parkade a positive, safe and user-friendly experience. The concept is a celebration of the car itself – creating a gallery of classic and contemporary cars in a space for cars. Fifty curated photographs of automobiles and motorcycles are set against bright, multi-hued colours of the building’s core, animating the journey up and down the five levels and distinctly marking elevator vestibules.