Entro Discusses Acces­si­ble Design Best Prac­tices in Applied Arts

August 31, 2016


In Ontario, acces­si­ble design is not simply a good idea, it is part of our law. In the August issue of Applied Arts, this shift in design think­ing is explored in the arti­cle “Design That Works” with support from several Entro-completed projects.

In this arti­cle, Entro’s Found­ing Part­ner, Andrew Kuzyk explains how bus stops for MiWay, Mississauga’s tran­sit system, were devel­oped with acces­si­bil­ity in mind. Simi­larly, wayfind­ing at the Centen­nial College Story Arts Centre features large-scale graph­ics, appro­pri­ate contrasts, recog­niz­able pictograms, tactile letter­ing and Braille, to accom­mo­date all types of users.

Entro has been a long­stand­ing propo­nent of acces­si­ble design. Acces­si­ble design is not simply adapt­ing to ‘make it acces­si­ble,’ but think­ing through differ­ent types of users and condi­tions (light­ing, eleva­tions, view­ing distances, etc.), in combi­na­tion with visual elements, to create a func­tional, inspir­ing design that fits within a complete system and contributes to a posi­tive user expe­ri­ence.