Using Colour to Improve the Workplace

May 10, 2017


As experiential graphic designers, we know that certain colours can positively contribute to happiness, productivity, and even physical health in a workplace. Entro’s Udo Schliemann recently contributed an article on this topic to WorkDesign Magazine, a digital publishing group dedicated to exploring the evolution of workplace culture, research, and design.

‘The Importance of Colour in the Workplace’ explores colour as a tool to connect employees to the organizational brand, by helping them understand who they work for and why. By drawing from Entro’ work on such projects as Daniels Spectrum, the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre and Sobeys, Udo discusses making colour choices, creating a sense of connection, and reflecting the organizational brand essence.

Now more than ever, major businesses and organizations are looking to colour in workplace design for its visual and psychological impacts. Our work involves finding the right balance between customizing a space with unique company attributes, while ensuring it is a comfortable and enjoyable place for people to work effectively.

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