Entro Welcomes Cognitive Neuroscientist Vedran Dzebic

May 10, 2017


We are pleased to announce the addition of cognitive neuroscientist Vedran Dzebic to the Entro team. Vedran is currently defending his PhD dissertation at the University of Waterloo, and uses innovative techniques and approaches to highlight how the physical design of space influences how we feel, behave and think.

For Entro, his research will provide deeper insights of how environment design affects user experience and to help us and our clients evaluate the effectiveness of their space, the experience and the communications required. His work will support Entro’s philosophy that all design should be grounded by research and the science of human interaction.

Currently Vedran is entrenched at Entro exploring how the visual character of the environment drives our experiences, answering such questions as:

Are minimalist environments that are low in visual complexity experienced as calming or relaxing?

Do highly decorative and visually complex environments result in excitement and engagement?

To what extent does culture or demographics play into our experiences?

And finally, can this data be used to inform design?

Entro is proud to be supporting this research. We feel our work will benefit from a deeper understanding of the human experience in the built environment, so that we can continue to create stronger connections between people and place.