Randy Johnson and Udo Schliemann Speak at CMA

February 20, 2018


The Canadian Museums Association (CMA) is an organization committed to advancing the Canadian museum sector, representing museum professionals both within Canada and internationally. This year they hosted the Museum Enterprises Conference in Toronto, geared to those involved in revenue generation, retail and food operations, visitor services, admissions, membership, rentals and special events. Since wayfinding directly affects these particular areas of service, Entro's Randy Johnson and Udo Schliemann were invited to speak and share their expertise on wayfinding and its impact on the visitor experience and the bottom line.

Drawing upon their experience working with organisations such as the Royal Ontario Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Art Gallery of Ontario, the National Gallery of Canada and the Whitney Museum of American Art, Randy and Udo shared insights about the environmental graphic design process and the design-thinking that goes into creating experiences and moving the public through places. They also reflected on how the design, branding and signage within those spaces works to shape visitor behaviours and affects their overall experience. Attendees gained an understanding of how wayfinding strategy and design shape the guest journey including how they appreciate the museum and its artifacts; affect the brand experience; and play an important role in the functioning and business potential of the venue.