Designing for Designers at Moore College of Art & Design

August 21, 2023


Founded in 1848, Moore College of Art & Design is the first historically all-women's college for art and design in the U.S., and continues to educate artists and designers to build creative, enterprising, and impactful careers. Moore recently underwent a rebrand, in partnership with Creative Communications Associates, resulting in a new logo supported by vibrant color palettes, fonts and graphic elements. The goal was to develop a campus experience that delivered on the new brand in its expression of creativity, vitality and a modern aesthetic.

We knew we needed to design for designers – to activate the creative center of the school and demonstrate the power of experiential design.The design solutions, inspired by input from interactive workshops with students and faculty, reflect the culture of the institution.

Bold, energizing super graphics build on the brand typography, while shapes and colors enliven the space and make students feel welcome. The overlapping fields of color that drive this design program are derived from the the “O”s of Moore's logo. They also signify the idea of merging disciplines and being ‘better together.’

We wanted to create a distinctive sense of place – to unify what was once a disparate experience for students – while using color to differentiate between levels and disciplines. For a vertical campus such as this one, we applied the program to elevator lobbies, which function as key circulation hubs, to create a sense of arrival and facilitate intuitive wayfinding.

Wayfinding directional signage adopts a consistent color – midnight blue – for easy recognition and optimal contrast of primary information. It also incorporates a variation of the circle motif, this time as a distinctive perforated pattern punched out of the sign.

Students and faculty are excited by the campus' new look! This project demonstrates the power of experiential graphic design to bring a vibrant new identity to life and revitalize existing campus spaces without the need for costly renovations.