Digital & Dynamic at MSP Airport

September 2, 2020


It’s a challenging time for air travel, but construction continues on the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport – Terminal 1 renovation in anticipation of the future. We’re excited to share the airport’s most recent wayfinding installations: digital signage and smart technologies that communicate up-to-date information in real time.

Every traveller knows that the navigational experience begins well before we enter the airport. Digital roadway signs let drivers know what curbside services are currently available. Outside the terminal, curbside digital medallions identify the airline check-in counter closest to a given entrance, so passengers don’t have to take their luggage further than necessary.

The flexibility of digital signage has proven especially useful in these unusual times. During emergency situations, the medallions can be re-purposed to indicate which entrances are open or closed and to communicate alternate services.

Inside Terminal 1, a sixty-foot digital sign spans the intermodal transit area, informing travellers of the different locations and wait times for the security checkpoints. This feature promotes both convenience and safety by helping people avoid unnecessary crowding. Similarly, digital directional signage points to the track where the next tram is scheduled to arrive and provides the expected wait time.

Always striving for a cohesive visual experience, we conducted on site testing and adjustment to ensure the colours on the digital signs matched the illuminated static directional signs as closely as possible.

Landmark features and creative graphics look great while assisting in navigation. The illuminated ceiling installation by Alliiance (Minneapolis-based architects) draws one’s eye to the escalators – the primary exit from the arrivals level – which is further emphasized with large-scale graphic patterns and messaging that re-assures passengers they are headed in the right direction. Keeping accessibility and multilingual user groups a top priority, we applied universally recognizable symbols as much as possible using larger, brighter pictograms.

We can’t wait for the next phase of MSP’s redevelopment, when construction in Terminal 2 begins!