BMO's New Ways of Working

July 11, 2023


BMO officially opened Phase 1of its largest headquarters in the heart of downtown Toronto in April 2023. The project creatively repurposes a former department store in the Toronto Eaton Centre, transforming it into a workspace that prioritizes sustainability, wellness, inclusivity, and technology to facilitate a multitude of working styles.

At the end of Phase 2, the 350,000 square-foot office will house over 3,200 employees occupying four floors that include open workspaces, focus pods and booths, lounge spaces, recreation rooms, cafes, and a wellness centre for yoga, meditation, prayer and smudging ceremonies. All areas were designed with accessibility, sustainability and flexibility in mind.

In addition to implementing BMO's global signage standards, Entro designed a storytelling and graphics program intended to engage visitors and inspire and connect teams. Each floor presents a different theme: Level 4 presents the story of BMO's innovation, and Level 5 speaks to BMO's commitment to the local and national community.

The storytelling program weaves its way through one's journey through the office space, energizing staff in high traffic areas and offering moments of respite in calmer and focused workspaces.

Entro developed a colour strategy that supports neurodiversity and facilitates wayfinding. Different cardinal zones, each represented by its own colour and graphics, enable visitors to easily identify different floor levels and areas. Washroom and amenity signage are inclusive and gender-neutral.

Read more about BMO's new office space here and in the Globe and Mail.

Photography by Odyssey Photo & Video Production