Our aim is to connect people to place and make everyday experiences inspirational. This is only possible if we fully consider the human experience within the context of the design process. We approach our work from a research foundation that looks to better understand the social, cultural and psychological circumstances that affect how people think, feel and behave within any environment.

We combine data-driven insights with the knowledge we’ve gained through our experience designing hundreds of wayfinding and placemaking programs. This approach allows us to infuse projects with creativity, intuitive design, and practical know-how, along with innovation and verifiable strategies.

Our research offerings encompass­­ both consultation activities and the application of research technologies. While consultation ensures that stakeholders needs are heard, the application of research technologies improves our designs through scientific, research driven perspectives.

As part of our standard project methodology, research can occur during the discovery phases of a project to inform the design, and later in the design process, to validate how our work will yield a positive human experience and meet the intended project objectives.