Our aim of connecting people to place is only possible if we honestly and fully consider the human factor within the context of the design process. We approach our work from a foundation in science and research that looks to better understand the social, cultural and psychological circumstances that affect how people think, feel and behave within any environment.

We are committed to research and the advancement of our practice at many levels:

Thought leadership
We author articles and white papers and speak to industry about trends, findings and best practices aimed at challenging the status quo and moving our collective practice(s) forward.

Research as an initial part of the design process
As part of our standard project methodology, we conduct research to inform or validate how our work will yield a positive human experience and meet the intended project objectives. Our research is specific and cost-effective, focusing on improving user experiences, influencing user behaviour, building brand loyalty and generating revenue streams. Our research methodologies include: on-site observation, ethnography, customer experience mapping, intercept interviews, simulations, workshops, co-creation sessions, focus groups and surveys. Each technique is designed to complement and enhance the effectiveness of our full range of services.

Technology and R&D
Based on the principles of cognitive neuroscience and through machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI), we are engaged in developing tools that advance our understanding of how the visual characteristics of an environment shape its overall character and influence human behaviour. These scientific and technological advancements will provide us and our clients with the tools needed to validate design decisions and communicate the effectiveness of design.