Canada Post Releases Weather Wonders Series

September 18, 2018


To showcase some of Canada's most awe-inspiring weather phenomena, Canada Post created the Weather Wonders series in 2015. The popular stamp series continues this year with new photographs taken from across the country by amateur and professional photographers. Entro was awarded the design of all five stamps for the series, as well as the Official First Day Cover, souvenir sheet and booklet.

We sourced photography from all over Canada that reveals the power and beauty of nature. The photos chosen were: Mark Newman's photograph of a thick layer of steam fog over a British Columbia lake, Garry M. Cass’ photograph of a waterspout over Lake Ontario in Toronto, Marilyn Dunstan's photograph of lenticular clouds taken in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Timmy Joe Elzinga’s photograph of light pillars reflecting the city lights of North Bay, Ontario and David McColm's photograph of a moon halo in Whistler, B.C.

To tie the stamps together as a family, we adjusted the hue and tonality of images slightly to achieve a common colour palette. The resulting palette is a mixture of blues and oranges in predominantly cooler tones. We mirrored this look and feel for the souvenir sheet, expanding the palette with earth tones of bronze and more blues. For text, we chose the typeface Noble which gives the piece a modern, yet airy feel.

To further emphasize the weather theme, we created original graphic illustrations of barometers and weather vanes, and transformed the CMYK printing marks into playful weather shapes. For the stamp booklet, we blurred one of the photographs to serve as an abstract background, and used the same colour palette and typeface.

The Canada Post Weather Wonders stamp series was released this July, and can be purchased here.