Expanding Domestic and International Travel

June 29, 2017


Over the years Canada has expanded travel both domestically and internationally, allowing it to become a stronger air cargo trade partner, welcome tourists, and expand travel opportunities for Canadians. This is made possible through its major airports – Toronto Pearson International Airport, Calgary International Airport, Ottawa International Airport and Vancouver International Airport. An important part of this success has been the ability of all four airports to be efficient while providing great passenger experiences. Entro is proud to have contributed to the leadership of these airports, by providing seamless wayfinding systems and memorable placemaking programs.

A major redevelopment of a 26 gate passenger terminal at the Ottawa International Airport required a clear and creative wayfinding plan. The wayfinding and environmental graphics play upon the dots seen as one arrives by car, bus or taxi, or from the runway side when the plane is landing. The motif is used in pictograms, in directional arrows and also forms the large letters that introduce the visual theme of the wayfinding program at the entrance to the airport.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is Canada's largest airport and the world's 20th largest airport, serving 34 million passengers annually. Working with Pentagram, we created a simple, clear and elegant wayfinding system, providing ease of travel for passengers. The signage reflects the form of the architecture, while introducing a more modern look with a large, brightly colored font that can be interchanged easily.

Vancouver International Airport is the second busiest airport in Canada, with over 20 million passengers annually. To address the airport's high traffic volume and incorporate their brand and award-winning architectural setting, Entro worked together with YVR on the rollout of an updated wayfinding program. The brand colours are displayed on signage in a modern style that also integrates well with existing signage. The system is also easily updated and provides a better visual hierarchy for the passenger journey.

Calgary International Airport was given an award-winning signage system by G+A in 1997 which introduced a strong colour, typography and pictogram system to ensure successful passenger navigation. Over the past 10 years, Entro worked on the Calgary Airport Authority’s International Facilities Project, which added two new concourses (D and E) and 24 additional gates to support the growing number of U.S. and international flights offered by the airport. This involved a multi-year implementation strategy and unique visual language to give passengers clarity and confidence when navigating through the space. Neutral silvers and whites for the international terminal offer contrast to the bright blues and yellows Gottschalk+Ash Toronto developed for the other concourses and ensure the right balance of messaging coverage versus subtlety.