Communicating Canadian Culture Through Stamps

June 29, 2017


Although a stamp is small in size, it carries an important message about the culture of a country. Canada Post, our country's postal operator, has a national Stamp Advisory Committee that helps it select ideas from suggestions that are solicited from all Canadians. The stamps must be able to work well in miniature format, appeal to both the general public and collectors alike, and deliver instant glimpses of Canadian culture across the nation and around the world. Over the years, Entro and Gottschalk+Ash Toronto have created many stamps and collections, including ones celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the Canada Post Millennium Collection and the 100th anniversary of the Royal Ontario Museum.

Stamp design also has to work well in other products, such as the first day cover and even the stamp’s cancellation mark. According to Canada Post, “stamp designers are selected for their demonstrated skill in both graphic arts and miniaturization, and for their potential to create new and innovative stamps. Designers’ imaginations are restricted only by the size of the final artwork.”

Carrying on the tradition that Gottschalk+Ash Toronto started in the 1970's, Entro is continually awarded many opportunities to design an array of stamps that represent Canada's most definitive and commemorative moments.

Recently our stamp designs were selected for part of a series of stamps for Canada Post's Cultural Celebrations initiative for 2017. The first stamp, for the holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha was launched in May, and has had a positive reception from the community. Our stamp designs for Diwali and Hanukkah were also selected, and will be launched in the coming months. Learn more about the Eid stamp here.

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